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  • Kanela: Greek Cypriot Kitchen

    We had an awesome lunch today at Kanela.They offer very fresh ingredients at reasonable prices. This is our first visit to Kanela. We’ve always passed this restaurant on our walks around Rittenhouse Square, but we haven’t tried it until now. And boy, what a pleasant experience it was.


    Mousaka: ground lamb layered with grilled eggplant and topped with bechamel

    Rabbit: rabbit in pasta with sausage, arugula, tomatoes and side of hardboiled egg

    Lemonnana: half mint tea, half lemonade

    I had the Mousaka, which is almost like a lamb & eggplant lasagna served with fresh salad and yogurt on the side. Soo delicious. Jon had the rabbit dish, which was also delightful. The rabbit was so soft, not gamey and very flavorful. The meal was complemented with their lemonnana drink which was so refreshing on the 93F weather. It was a great experience at Kanela, planning to visit again soon. 

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